To increase precision, Ceramics uses both mold casting and wheel throwing methods in the production process.
    After the mold is finished and given time to dry, it is then trimmed once again on a wheel. In this way, problems that are inherent in one method or the other are minimized.
    This takes more than twice as long but is necessary to perfect the work.
    As our ceramics are neither 100% machine-made nor 100% handcrafted, they contain the best parts of both methods.
    Listed below are the natural occurrences that happen through such a process and are not defects.
    Please keep them in mind when making a purchase.
    ※ The signature is covered with a glaze, which may make it blurry or hard to see. The thickness of the glaze varies depending on the piece.
    ※ Iron in the clay or glaze can cause brown or black spots on the surface.
    ※ In the process of kiln firing, marks from air bubbles, glaze, etc. may appear on the surface.
    ※ Due to the process of glazing, the flow of the glaze on larger sizes is more prominent than on smaller sizes.
    This is not a defect but part of the natural beauty of handcrafted pottery.
    ※ Once the mold is finished, a long time is spent trimming the surface using a spinning wheel.
    However, as moisture escapes during firing at a temperature of 1250°C, fine seams may become visible.

    The features of hand-crafted ceramics
    • Each object has a slight difference in pattern, shape and size.
    • There may be a difference in the flow marks or the thickness of the glaze from the glazing process.
    • Iron in the clay or glaze can cause brown or black spots on the surface.
    • In the process of kiln firing, marks from air bubbles, glaze, etc. may appear on the surface.
    • As ceramic products are used, fine cracks may appear on the surface.

    Precautions when using ceramics
    • Matte products may be vulnerable to scratches.
    • Light colored porcelain surfaces and non-glazed parts are susceptible to stains if exposed to colored liquids for a long time. Do not leave in water for long periods of time, and wash as soon as possible after use.
    • When cleaning, use a cleaning tool made of a soft material. Scratches may occur when using metallic cleaning tools.
    • After washing, dry it well, and store it in a well-ventilated place.
    • It is not microwave or dishwasher-safe.
    • Please refrain from putting it in the oven or over an open flame, as it may cause cracks.
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