Amphora Vase Onyx


      Amphora Vase Onyx
      Size(cm) : Φ13.5 x H18.5

      UNTITLED is a collection of old objects designed in a modern way.
      The vases in this collection seem familiar, but through concise expression of the basic elements that make up the shapes, we have completed a design that is timeless.


This is the work of NR ceramics, Lee Nuri, who proposes designs that convey the value of nature and art in everyday life.

It is produced to contribute to the realization of a comfortable daily life and a slow life, and conveys the value of tranquility by providing a simple and natural blank space.

Lee Nuri

Lee Nuri is a ceramic designer based in Seoul.
Active in Australia, Brazil, South Korea and Japan.
Her exhibitions are very popular and are always crowded.

Her focus is on opening up new possibilities through design, deviating from the traditional image of ceramics as merely utilitarian.

In line with her work philosophy of "change of stability", the balance of the design composition, bold and gentle curves that show unity express the emotions of life created by nature.